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90 Years of Tradition!

The clock is ticking – the countdown has begun.


The 2014 Randolph County Fair is just around the corner!
Mark your calendar for August 25 - 30 and get ready to have fun!

Lots of things are going on during County Fair week from clothesline art to Bucking Broncos.

The parade will be taking a different route this year downtown. The parade will begin the same as usual on Tuesday at 6 p.m. The route will turn right in front of the Library, and on to Thomasville. From there the route remains the same as usual. Participants do need to pre-resister if you are competing for a trophy or prize money. Trophies can be picked up at the fair office from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.
A 4-H barbecue contest has been added on Monday evening after school. Samples will be handed out, but nothing sold. However a donation would be appreciated.
Commercial, educational, agriculture, concessions, games, rides, livestock and friends: you can be certain to see all of this at the fair.
The carnivalf will open from 6 to 10 each evening. Armbands for the Randolph County Fair Armband Night will be on sale Monday, Aug. 25, through Wednesday, Aug. 27, from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. each day in the lobby of Pocahontas City Hall, 410 North Marr Street. Armbands are $10 in advance; $15 at the gate. Armband night is Wednesday, Aug. 27. Armbands are for sale for cash only.

The annual fair will host the best of the best. So get jammin’ on your jam, finish that quilt, fertilize your flowers and break out your favorite pie recipe. Everyone is invited to participate in the Fair. Take a great photo? Paint an amazing landscape? Are you crafty? Scrapbooking your thing? With hundreds of categories to enter, there is something for everyone. It’s good, clean fun with a little competition thrown in – can your best win the blue ribbon?

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to compete and maybe even win a prize. But entering an exhibit into the Randolph County Fair is much more than that. It’s about tradition and being a part of the community. The Fair celebrates being neighbors and enjoying time with family and friends. By putting something you made in the fair, you help encourage others, especially the kids. The Fair needs you! Enter an item (or maybe even several). It’s easy, it’s fun and you will be helping make the Fair a true community event. Who knows, you may even inspire someone to take up your hobby.  

If you are interested in participating in the fair by entering a project, click the COMPETITIVE EVENTS link above. You’ll find all the entry information, including rules and entry forms.

Arkansas Game & Fish Aquarium

Since 2009 we have been fortunate enough to enjoy the AR Game & Fish Aquarium. Not only the children, but the adults also enjoy watching the big fish swim around. The children can climb up on the side to get a good look and are content to stay there while mom and dad rest or see other things. This display will arrive on Thursday and then will leave on Saturday afternoon. We would like to Thank them for bringing this attraction every year. It is refreshing and interesting to everyone.  

We ask that you remember there are people with limited physical abilities and there is a special place set aside for them. Please help us keep this area clear so that they may enjoy the Rodeo as much as everyone else. Thank you for your understanding.


We welcome the Universal Rodeo Company, LLC as our rodeo provider this year. Owner Mark Johnson has been a face in rodeo for many years. They have some champion rodeo stock and are sure to provide some great entertainment at our rodeo.

Let's get ready to ride!!!!!

The fair will have great family entertainment, livestock shows, exhibits, delicious food and terrific bargains on unique items and thrilling carnival rides. Some special surprises are in store. It’s an affordable community event filled with fun, food and frivolity!

And best of all the admission is FREE, so don’t miss out!